NinTechNet offers a range of security products and services to help you protect your website and keep it up and running. It addresses both professional business sites and personal blogs.

The Ninja Technologies Network includes:

NinjaFirewall, an advanced firewall software for all PHP applications.

NinjaScanner, a powerful antimalware for WordPress.

NinjaRecovery, incident response, malware removal and hack recovery service.

We offer top-tier service, attractive prices and excellent work ethics.

NinTechNet, 94 Soi Ladprao, Wang Thonglang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand

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Our softwares do not collect any private data from you or your visitors.


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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

You can use our softwares, NinjaFirewall and NinjaScanner, on your website in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. For more info, please consult our blog post.

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