NinjaFirewall (Pro+ Edition)

Help & FAQ


NinjaFirewall comes with a graphical installer to make the setup process as quick and easy as possible.

Requirements: NinjaFirewall works on Linux servers only. It requires PHP v5.3+ with cURL and ZipArchive support in order to download and install updates, as well as PHP INI support. Most basic shared hosting accounts match those requirements.

Using your FTP client, create a new directory in the root folder of your website (this is the top directory where your main index page is located) and upload all files from the NinjaFirewall ZIP archive into that new directory. Go to to access the graphical installer and follow the indicated steps.
If you are installing the Pro+ Edition, a valid license will also be required.

Successful installation:

If, at the end of the installation process, it displays a The firewall is not loaded message, please consult our Troubleshooting section.

If your installation of NinjaFirewall requires a PHP INI file (php.ini, .user.ini, php5.ini) you may need to deny access to it, depending on your webserver configuration:
See our blog article: Protecting NinjaFirewall's PHP INI file.