NinjaFirewall (WP+ Edition)

Help & FAQ


NinjaFirewall can be installed like any other plugin for Wordpress:

  1. Upload it into to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the "Plugins" menu in WordPress.
  3. Plugin settings are accessible from the "NinjaFirewall" menu.

NinjaFirewall comes with a graphical installer to make the setup process as quick and easy as possible:

If you installed WordPress into a sub-directory but kept the blog index page into the root directory, you could manually correct the path so that NinjaFirewall will work with your specific configuration:

NinjaFirewall will need to add some instructions to your system files (php.ini, .htaccess). In most cases, it will be able to detect your configuration and to make those changes for you:

Successful installation:

If you need help, click on the contextual Help menu located in the upper right corner of each page:

If your installation of NinjaFirewall requires a PHP INI file (php.ini, .user.ini, php5.ini) you may need to deny access to it, depending on your webserver configuration:
See our blog article: Protecting NinjaFirewall's PHP INI file.