NinjaFirewall (Pro+ Edition)

Help & FAQ


To uninstall NinjaFirewall:

  1. Log in to your administration console and disable NinjaFirewall from the "Firewall > Options > Firewall protection" menu.
  2. Delete any occurences of NinjaFirewall that you added to your PHP INI and/or .htaccess files during the installation.
  3. Delete the NinjaFirewall directory and all of its contents (subdirectories and files).
  4. If you were using a .user.ini, it is recommended to restart your HTTP server (Apache), or PHP-FPM (Nginx etc) to force PHP to reload the newly modifier INI file.

Blank page: in some cases, right after uninstalling NinjaFirewall, you may get a blank page and the following error message:

Warning: Unknown: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 0 Fatal error: Unknown: Failed opening required '.../firewall.php' ... in Unknown on line 0
  1. The problem can be due to your PHP configuration that may require a few minutes before the PHP INI file, which was edited during the uninstallation process, is reloaded by PHP. If this is your own server, simply restart PHP (e.g. PHP-FPM) or your HTTP server (Apache) in order to reload the INI file immediately, otherwise, you need to wait a couple of minutes, until the file is reloaded. The problem will then go away.
  2. You still have NinjaFirewall's instructions in your PHP INI file or .htaccess. Open that file, look for similar lines and delete them:

    PHP INI:
    ; BEGIN NinjaFirewall
    auto_prepend_file = /......./firewall.php
    ; END NinjaFirewall

    # BEGIN NinjaFirewall
    php_value auto_prepend_file /......./firewall.php
    # END NinjaFirewall