NinjaFirewall (WP+ Edition)

A true Web Application Firewall for WordPress.

NinjaFirewall (WP+ Edition) is a true Web Application Firewall. Although it can be installed and configured just like a plugin, it is a stand-alone firewall that sits in front of WordPress.
It allows any blog administrator to benefit from very advanced and powerful security features that usually aren't available at the WordPress level, but only in security applications such as the Apache ModSecurity module or the PHP Suhosin extension.

Some of its features are:

We offer two versions:

  • WP Edition: A free open-source version.

  • WP+ Edition: A supercharged edition that adds many new exciting features and blazing fast performances to make it the fastest and most advanced security plugin for WordPress.

Screenshots (WP+ Edition)

Last updated: Oct. 2016



Firewall statistics


Firewall Options


Access Control directives


Firewall Policies


Contextual help


Brute-force attack protection


Firewall log


Event notifications




Web Filter


File Guard


File Check


Live Log


Security Rules Updates


Centralized Logging