A powerful Antivirus for WordPress.


NinjaScanner is a lightweight, fast and powerful antivirus scanner for WordPress which includes many features to help you scan your blog for malware.

Some of its features are:

  • File integrity checker.

  • File comparison viewer.

  • File snapshot.

  • Antimalware & antivirus.

  • Sandbox for quarantined files.

  • Incremental scans.

  • Background scans.

  • Scheduled scans.

  • WP-CLI integration.

  • Multi-site support.

  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance.

  • And many more...

We offer two versions:

  • A Free Edition.

  • A Premium Edition with additional features and full support.

Pricing (USD) per domain/year Free Edition Premium Edition
Plan #1:      1 domain* or 1 multi-site installation** Free $19.50 / year
Plan #2:      2 to 5 domains* (20% off) Free $15.60 / year
Plan #3:      6 to 15 domains* (40% off) Free $11.70 / year
Plan #4:      16 to 49 domains* (60% off) Free $7.80 / year
Plan #6:      50+ domains* (75% off) Free $5.00 / year
Payment method - Credit Card, PayPal & Bitcoin
*The license is bound to your domain name. Therefore, one license per domain is required. The same license can however handle multiple subdomains. If you don't renew it after its expiration date, NinjaScanner will keep running but premium features will be disabled.
**If you are planning to use NinjaScanner on a multi-site installation, you will need one license only. Contact us if you are unsure.
Note: After receiving your payment, we will credit your account accordingly. Afterward, you could use your account balance to create your NinjaScanner license(s) whenever you want. Each license will expire 1 year after its creation date.